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Tax Audit Reconsideration and Representation

Audit reconsideration is a procedure that allows a taxpayer to dispute the results of an assessment made because of an audit of taxpayer's return or a substitute return filed by the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer in order to lower the tax assessment.

The results of a state audit or federal IRS audit may cause an additional tax assessment. It may happen that during the audit, the taxpayer might have been unable to provide necessary documents to prove his case or to work his favor. Other taxpayers might have missed their audit altogether, causing an issue of erroneous assessment against them. 

Right after the audit assessment takes effect, the government begins to collect on the debt.  However, we recommend initialization of a reconsideration of the audit results, if the taxpayer discovers new evidences that would have resulted in more favorable assessment or no assessment at all.  Our tax audit representatives have achieved significant success in reopening and overturning inaccurate audit assessments.